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Voice & Video

Cuts the digital clutter!

Why webFlutter

No worries!

How to Flutter

It's as easy as voicemail!

The Team

MaryJane "MJ" Salvato

Founder CEO

Competition in the digital age is fierce, engaging a customer base is difficult.Fourth generation in the auto business and 15 years running a truckdealership inspired MJ's business insights and vision for webFlutter. Researchshows people like to watch video… but not for a long time… nor be inthem…unless they are in embarrassing situations… then that’s OK… but notreally! Honestly, folks would rather watch a cute cat. MJ’s solution iswebFlutter’s fatuous 2d animation, featuring just enough to be seen andheard.

The Team

Varun “V” Gupta

Operations lead

V believes the customer experience leads to more business. He is the organizer and cheerleader, keeping all moving forward with a smile. A pleasure to work with, always surprising insights to solve all issues in the broad start up landscape where few hands sow many plans. Whether creative, analytic, or financial, V’s expertise in delivering IT solutions is building a strong foundation for webFlutter’s future.

V Geek Quals - BS Business, Harvard Business School, Executive Management

The Team

Raj “Batman” Rustagi

Tech lead

Raj’s tech cave is filled with solutions from a long career as a successful IT entrepreneur. The father of two college age mobile fanatics, he found the webFlutter prototype intriguing and fun and joined forces to invest and build a new production phase for the platform. He is always first with “It’s cool man, cool!” review of the product’s progress.

Batman Geek Quals – NJIT, BSIE, MSCS, Cornell, Data Analytics

The Team

Jessica “JessEca - The Fair & Funny” Ross

Product Designer

“JessEca’s” artistic talents provide the fun and flair to the app’s presentation. Her academic background keeps the team in line for insights other than their own with user feedback studies. Her digital design and AR/VR expertise lend a strong flair to the webFLutter product user interface experience. She is one of those, I hate my picture taken, folks webFlutter has in mind to help.

JessEca geek quals – Montclair Univ, BFA, Marywood Univ, MFA, NJIT, Digital design instructor, VR lab groupie.

The Team

Ankur “Aqua” Gulati

Product Development Lead

Aqua leads our project management and software development from afar, like a fish, he never sleeps, always ready to leap the global time zones for a meeting with USA headquarter team.

Aqua geek quals - BSEE