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Why webFlutter

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Why webFlutter

People love to watch videos…of cats and people falling down. Will people watch your video if you are not falling down, with your cat? Yes, making a video to present yourself in your best light is a challenge, especially when the competition is a kitten. Sure, pick up your mobile and talk away, that’s easy, the aftermath is the killer. I could write a book on the deep seeded discomfort we have with our image, scopophobia. Let’s save a tree, you already know why you hate yourself in video, this is the section where the Founder writes how webFLutter will benefit the user.

A Taoist philosopher enjoyed dreaming he was a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. Today, we share the same joy sharing experiences with friends. webFlutter is here to help you enjoy creating videos that feature you in your own Personal Reality. Creating a flutter eliminates scopophobia by featuring what’s most important and recognizableabout you, your face and voice, everything else you select and personalize.

And the reason you should make more videos featuring you – digital clutter! Chances are your friends and family are the very 80% who ask for purchase advice, instead of trusting advertising. You are the new marketing department for all the products you buy and the places you go. Follow the Tao philosophy, Flutter away, find comfort in our illustrated backgrounds and avatars without fear folks are looking at your stuff and judging your decorating skills.